How I Became A Wildly Successful Pro-Blogger And How YOU Can Do The Same Too

By: Joe Okoro

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Read My True Life Story Below:

I am about sharing my true life story on how God changed my life using the NEWSLETTER EMAIL LIST BUILDING FORMULA by my mentor Jeff Walker.

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This is the best gift I can ever give to humanity by sharing this information free of charge and I am 100% sure that anyone who reads this to the end will forever learn the secret code of making huge amount of money using the internet.

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It all started almost twenty years ago when I finished my secondary school education.

After my secondary school education, there was no money to further my studies. Things were not easy for my parents.

I had to look for a way to make a living.

However, my options were very limited.

I had no choice but to go to the market and look for something to do and the easiest thing that caught my attention is to carry load for market women and other people who came to shop in the market...

Just like the man you see in the picture below pushing the cargo...

affiliate marketing for beginners

Back then I was charging N10 to help market women carry their loads from the market to the bus stop where they would take a vehicle or bus to their homes or for those who brought their cars to the market.

And if the load is as much as the one you see in the picture, I charged N20 or N30 as the case may be.

To tell you the truth, it was not easy.

In fact, life was tough.

And eventually when I struggled for a while and got admission to study in the university, it was not easy for me.

But, as God would have it, I managed and struggled through the university and graduated with flying colors.

After my graduation, I got a job as a secondary school teacher teaching JSS and SSS students in Lagos.

My monthly pay was N8,200 and I did that job for about two years.

These are the things I went through before I acquired the knowledge that I have and became what I am today - an experienced 7-figure income earner, blogger and internet coach.

One thing I have realized through my experience is that making a great income as a teacher in Nigeria is a pipe dream.

A lot of teachers are not well paid and I figured that if I continued teaching for a long time of my life, I would not be able to fulfil my life ambitions.

More than 10 years ago, I used to be a poorly-paid secondary school teacher earning N8,200 per month and, believe me, life was very hard.

affiliate marketing for beginners pdf

Even though I graduated with a CGPA of 4.45 (that is 2.1 or second class upper), it did not matter when it came to getting a good job.

That is the reality in Nigeria.

And the politicians have even made it worse.

You see a situation where graduates with third class working at choice jobs with lucrative offers while their counterparts with second class and even first class honours roaming the streets without a job.

As a matter of fact, if you do not have connection or a godfather these days, you can hardly get a good job in Nigeria.

Thus, I knew that if I continued earning a monthly income of N8,200, I would not be able to effectively cater for my family.

And you know what they used to say about the teaching profession.

That "the teacher's reward is in heaven".

However, I wanted mine to be both on earth and in heaven!

So, I wanted something better than being a secondary school teacher.

I knew I needed a better income and explored the internet for it...

So, while I was working as a secondary school teacher, I explored the internet for other opportunities of making money.

and then it happened...

In 2006, I met a mentor online. His name is Jeff Walker - the inventor of the Product Launch Formula.

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I visited his website and subscribed to his newsletter.

In one of the newsletters he sent out to his subscribers, he stated that one way to a guaranteed and consistent passive income was to do the following:

1. Start a content marketing site (possibly a blog).

2. Start publishing regularly on it.

3. Start building a newsletter email list from day one.

4. Ask your readers what they need.

5. Provide the solution to them and profit.

That is the blueprint that Jeff Walker recommended for anyone who desired to make a living from the internet. And he concluded that this will work every single time for as long as the internet exist.

However, I ignored the advice because I felt it was too difficult to implement. Rather, I started pursuing every shinny object I could find.

One reason which accounted for it is that at that time, it was not easy to build a site. It was not even easy to start a blog.

The right information was not available. And even when you stumbled upon the right information, you also had other problems to contend with - like the issue of payment platforms to use and so on.

As a result of that, I ventured into every perceived business opportunity that were being peddled about.


I did a lot of network marketing and I failed.

I did High Yield Investment Programs and I failed.

I did Pay-to-read, Surveys and others and...

all of them got me no results.

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I kept sinking the little money I was making from my teaching job into these opportunities and I was getting no where.

My breakthrough came 4 years later in 2010 when I revisited the advice by my mentor. I started my first blog on healthy living and weight loss.

And something magical happened...

Just 18 months later after starting the blog, I doubled my income and started hitting a regular 7-figure income every month.

It was exhilarating!

I was excited as I knew I had
finally hit the jackpot at last!

Hence, I quickly went into other niches. I felt that if I could duplicate what I did in a different niche, I would experience instant success too.

And that was exactly what happened.

I duplicated that blogging model, and eventually produced several multiple streams of income blogs, doing 6-figures in monthly income from each of them.

Below are some of my websites.

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how to start affiliate marketing without website

And that marked the turning point in my life. So far...

My first blog that I did on healthy living has raked in over N100 million in revenues in just 8 years.

That is an average income of over N12.5 million annually - from JUST ONE website alone!

How many people earn that kind of money annually in Nigeria? Not many I assure you!

Even doctors, nurses and some oil workers do not earn that kind of money in a year!

So, how was I able to achieve that huge success within a very short time?


I used the newsletter email list building formula as recommended by my mentor. Using this method, I was able to capture their names and emails. Within a few days, I started getting roughly 100 to 150 subscribers on a daily basis.

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Each time I publish on my blog, I would send them a mail that I have a post I want them to read.

And when they visit the blog and see adverts of the products that I was promoting, some of them would buy the products.

That is how I make money using the newsletter email list building formula.

So far, I have duplicated this blogging model in other niches and added extra 6-figure monthly income to my streams.

And that is my grass to grace story...

affiliate marketing for beginners


No one has the monopoly to success.

If that is true, it simply means that anyone can be successful, just like I have been.

It does not matter your present financial status, position or history of hardship.

All you need is determination and a strong will to be successful.

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This business model has made me a multi-millionaire and the same business model has made thousands of other Nigerians millionaires too.

Now, here is the good news.

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I will give you the exact secret which I used to generate multiple streams of income online and make me the multi-millionaire that I am today.

It's a lie!

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