How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing
Posted on: December 18, 2018, by : affiliatesden

If you have been looking for how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you have come to the right place.

how to make money online with affiliate marketing

I am going to show you how to make money online using Joe Okoro’s Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire Video Training Course for Beginners.

So, what is “Joe Okoro’s Affiliate Marketing With Expertnaire Video Training For Beginners” all about?”

For your info, the affiliate marketing course by Joe Okoro is a comprehensive video training on “How you can start your own Wildly Successful Affiliate online business”.

The course is particularly recommended for the following people:

1) Students
2) Workers
3) Business People and
4) Housewives

However, you MUST be passionate about online business and have a strong determination to succeed for you to benefit fully from the video course.


how to start affiliate marketing

The Affiliate Online Business Course comprise of 8 step by step Videos. And the content is detailed below:


Module 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing (Duration: 7:20mins)

(i) Example of Affiliate Marketing – The Immigration to Canada Blueprint Selling for N17,000 with Affiliate Commission of 50% on each sale, that is N8,500

Module 2: Introduction to Expertnaire (Duration: 6:50mins)

(i) Reasons for Recommending Expertnaire
(ii) The Expertnaire Affiliate Dashboard
(iii) How to Create an Account on the Expertnaire Affiliate Platform
(iv) Selecting Products to Promote on the Expertnaire

Module 3: Tools Your Need for Your Affiliate Promotion (Duration: 11:30mins)
(i) Get a Domain Name & Hosting
(ii) The WordPress Blog Platform
(iii) Instabuilder WordPress Plugin Software –
An Overview of the Instabuilder Plugin Templates
(iv) Get an E-mail Marketing / Autoresponder Platform

Module 4: How to Shorten Your Long Affiliate Links (Duration: 10:00mins)
(i) Why You Should Not Use Link Shortners like for emails Except for Advertising on Social Media Sites.
(ii) How to Use Websites Redirects to Shorten Your Affiliate Links


Module 5: Creating An Affiliate Marketing Campaign (Duration: 19:46mins) 
(i) How to Create a List-Building Landing Page with Instabuilder
(ii) How to Create 7-14 Days Email Follow-ups for any affiliate offer

Module 6: Creating An Affiliate Marketing Campaign 2 (Duraction: 13:39mins)
(i) How to Create a Pixelled FB Thank You Page for Lead Collection
(ii) How to Prepare Two Links for Affiliate Promotion
– Link 1 = How to Upload the Landing Page to Your Website
– Link 2 = Your Affiliate Offer Page from Expertnaire (Shorten with a Redirect)

Module 7: Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign (Duration: 9:35mins)
(i) Analyse a Working Campaign
– Landing Page
– The Ads
– Leads, Relevant Score, CPC, etc
– Targeting, Keywords, etc
(ii) Find Relevant Pictures for Ads
(iii) Create a Fan Page Relevant to Your Offer
(iv) Write Your Own Ad
(v) How to Set Up an Ad Account on FB

Module 8: Monitoring Your Campaign (Duration: 14:32mins)
(i) Check Your Daily Lead Flow
(ii) Check Comments on Your Ads Fan Pages, and Reply to them
(iii) Modify Your Pictures, If You Find One Performing Better Than The others
(iv) Increase Your Budget to Get More Leads and Scale Up Your Profits
(v) Conclusions…
– Affiliate Marketing has a 6-7 Figure Income Potential
– You Can Start Making Money with it Long B4 You Have Your Own Products
– It’s the Fastest Way to Start Making Money from Day One After Full Set Up of Campaigns
You can see that Joe Okoro’s Affiliate Online Business Course is fully loaded.
Honestly, Joe Okoro’s Affiliate Online Business Course is all you need to start and successfully operate your own affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.
But, that is not all.

You will also get some wonderful bonuses too. 

If you purchase Joe Okoro’s Affiliate Online Business program at only N12,000 through my link here, I will personally send you these two(2) Bonuses for FRÉÉ:

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